Big News

16 Jun

Well I did it. I opened up an online shop. I’ve been talking about doing this for the last year and I finally worked up the nerve to do it. Actually, I saw a video clip on Facebook of a graduation speech by Jim Carrey that really hit me. He said “…you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” Wow. That one minute clip really made me realize that I was letting fear hold me back. Now, I’m not sure that this shop will allow me to quit my job and finally stay at home with the kids, but it may allow me to work less out of the home and work at home doing what I love and spending more time with my boys. I’m happy to say that since I opened that little shop on Saturday and posted one little post on my Facebook that I have 2 sales already! I am blessed to have so many friends that shared my shop opening Facebook post! My next step is to create a Facebook page to link my blog and shop to and then to maintain this blog a little better. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can upgrade my shop to hold 25 items as opposed to the 5 the free version allows. I already put a link to my shop in the sidebar on this here blog. Yay!

I’m excited to see where this all takes me! I really couldn’t do all this without the support of my amazing hubby. He really does encourage me to pursue my passion and gives me the time to nurture it.


This was from yesterday before we went to finish Father’s Day off at Yogurtland. We actually ventured out and had a late lunch at The Standing Room in Hermosa Beach. That was our first trip to a restaurant since becoming a family of 5, and i’m thankful Finnley slept the whole time since Caleb and Gavin were a handful. Poor Daddy wanted a little more relaxation time but life with a baby and two wild boys is anything but relaxing.

Aside from finally opening up a shop and the daily craziness of our household, I have been sewing up a storm! I finally finished my Swoon quilt top and pieced the backing last night. Here’s a teaser picture.


I’m so in love with this quilt already!! I keep going back and forth on hand quilting it or machine quilting it…I’m just not sure if I can wrangle this beast through my sewing machine. I guess after I baste it I’ll see how hard it would be to have that much quilt in the arm and go from there. Hand quilting a quilt this large is a bit intimidating…

And in typical fashion I’ve already planned my next quilt  and have my fabrics ready to go.

low volume quilt

I’m jumping on the low volume quilt wagon! The minute I saw the bundle on the left on Fabricworm I knew I wanted to make a low volume quilt with it. I can’t wait to cut into it! But first I need to finish up some clutches so I can list those in my shop!

I WON!!!

10 Jun

Guys, I won something today!!! The Weekender Sew Along came with incentive to  finishing and linking up our bags and today I found out that I won the Grand Prize!! Say what?!! I have to admit that I jumped up and did  a little dance, some giggles and screams may have been involved. I’ve entered in a ton of give aways and have never won. This time around I actually didn’t realize there were prizes involved until after I had made my bag, I was just excited to sew along with some Instagram people and get support making this monster bag. When i linked up my blog post I told my husband to think winning thoughts and it turned out it worked this time!! Many thanks to the lovely ladies at Love By Hand, Modern Handcraft, and Sew Lux for the awesome Sew Along and for putting those awesome prize packs together.

Christine over at Love By Hand emailed me today that my goodies will be shipped next week! I can’t wait for my happy mail! And just in case you forgot, here’s the beauty that won me some awesome prizes.

Weekender Bag


That was seriously a fun sew along and I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t joined along, that pattern would still be on my table untouched, intimidating me.

I have one last thing to share while I’m on here and enjoying the silence that comes with all 3 boys asleep by 7pm. The week before Finnley was born I got it in my head that I wanted to make him a quilt. Crazy, I know. So I made my sister go with me  to M&L Fabrics in Anaheim to get some fabric for this quick quilt. One and a half days later I had this.

Finnley's baby quilt

I cannot believe how fast I got this done. I did make it easy on myself in the design, but let me tell you, basting a quilt at 39 weeks pregnant is just wrong. My back hurt for a couple days after and it was really hard to find a good position to be in with my huge belly. I straight line quilted about a 1/4 inch on each side of the strips to make it even easier. I love how bright it is and can’t wait until my little can sleep under it. Sleep. That’s something I should do really soon. I’m beat! Not much sleep happening around here for me since the night time hours are my time to sew. Maybe I’ll play catch up on sleep tonight and give the machine a break. But first I’m going to pour myself a glass of wine.


Finished Weekender Bag

3 Jun

I’m guilty of neglecting the blog again. This time I have a good reason. Our little family grew.

And now here we are a little over 6 weeks later, a little more adjusted and sleeping a lot better. Having 3 kids is no joke! I knew it would be hard, but seriously, at the end of the day I sometimes feel like the kids won. It’s been an adjustment for everyone and we all act out in our own ways to the change in our family dynamics. For me it was the loss of “me” time. Breastfeeding really ties you to a newborn baby like nothing else. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it, but you know, the boob could use a break every now and then. I’m thankful that Finnley nurses every 2-3 hours now as opposed to every hour during the day and once in the night. In fact, you could say that we are spoiled as we have already had an 8 1/2 hour sleep stretch and a 9 1/2 hour sleep stretch. During the “attached to mommys boob” early weeks I really missed my sewing machine. I missed creating. I finally told my hubby that I needed a break to sit down and do something for me before I went crazy, and this happened.
Amy Butler Weekender Bag


The infamous Amy Butler Weekender. Some peeps over at Love by HandSew Lux, and Modern handcraft had a little sew along on Instagram and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to finally make this bag and do something for me. It’s my first time ever participating in a sew along and it was awesome. It’s wonderful watching the progress of everyone and getting little tips and encouragement. This bag was by far the hardest thing I have sewn so far and I am pretty damn proud of myself for finishing it with no tantrums thrown. A lot of muscle is involved in the final stages of this bag and my shoulders were sore for a day or so after. I did study up on this bag and read a ridiculous amount of blog posts on how to make the bag so I felt prepared for the battle ahead.

My two cents: GO SLOW. I never tried to rush at any point and during the “dreaded step 11c” I set my machine to stitch the slowest speed possible so that I didn’t accidentally stitch over a finger and I had more control. It really helped.  I took my time and enjoyed the process. Is it perfect? No. Do I love this beast of a bag? Hell yes!! I also lengthened my straps about 10 inches more and sewed down both sides of the handle all the way to the bottom of the bag to avoid the gap some had said the pattern creates. My piping is far from perfect-hey it’s my first time!-but I used fusible tape like many had suggested and had one less line of stitching to worry about showing through. I also added two zippered pockets and a clip to attach my keys to.
Amy Butler Weekender Bag

That lining was to me the hardest part of the whole bag to make. I mean, hand stitch it in?? WTF. I had my head in there and upper body all in there trying to tack that thing down, which I had also never done before. It was a workout. I hated it in the moment but once I was done I was so happy with it and it was worth the struggle.  I’m glad I put in the extra zippered pocket in the lining and in the front pocket.
weekender bag

And here’s a shot of the front.
Amy Butler Weekender Bag


I love the way the mini swoon looks! The other side is the same and on the end pockets I made wonky star blocks. I really am proud of myself for making this bag and keeping up with the group of talented gals participating. There are some amazing bags that were made! I’m linking up over at Love by Hand. And here’s one more shot of the bag just because it’s awesome!

Amy Butler weekender bag

Another Finished Road Trip Case!

3 Mar


I finished Gavin’s Road Trip Case today!! I’m so proud of myself! This time I decided to try to machine stitch the binding down. It was my first time attempting this and while it will take some practice to make it perfect, I’m pretty happy with the results. I think this case needs to be sturdier and machine stitching the binding makes sense if these are for kids. Now I need to go and make myself one!



I’m so happy with how these came out and the second one definitely came together in half the time it took me to make the first. I definitely learned some new skills sewing these up and it makes me so happy that the boys love their new cases.

 I read this article today on Facebook “Mommy, Somebody Needs You” and I had to share it here too. This really hit me hard. There are some days I want to pull my hair out in frustration, days I can barely keep my eyes open I’m so exhausted, and days when taking a shower and brushing my teeth are last on my mind as two little voices are telling me they’re hungry yet again. These days, right now, are so hard and full of constant need yet they truly are the most beautiful. Just today I was going to the bathroom when Gavin ran into the doorway and said “Mommy, I love you” and ran away back to what he was doing. There will be a day I will miss that. A couple days ago we had a thunderstorm which is extremely rare in Southern Cali and Gavin got so scared he would not let me move my arm from his grip. The simple act of my arm being around him and my hand in his was enough to make him feel like he was safe. There are days when Caleb comes up to me and just throws his arms around me and hugs me and looks into my eyes and tells me he loves me and I feel like I am complete. These moments go by so fast and often get overlooked by the temper tantrums, fights, the constant need for something-anything, that even in these moments I should just remember that this is what I have always wanted. This beautiful chaos. Motherhood. Some day there will be all the time in the world for me, but right now, I am loving that somebody needs ME.

#33weeks only 7 more to go!!  #pregnant #babynumber3 #readyornothescoming @readysetren

And next month we add to the beauty and chaos. I can’t wait.

Road Trip Case

26 Feb


I bought this pattern a few weeks ago from  after I saw the post about it pop up on my Bloglovin feed. My boys are still at that age where they love having their mama sew things for them and I thought this would be perfect for road trips up North and a better way for the boys to keep their many drawing supplies together in a more organized way at home. As a bonus this pattern also came with the rights to sell finished cases! This was my first time sewing with Vinyl and I was a little nervous but using the vinyl foot my sewing machine came with made it so easy.



Once I had everything cut and ready to sew it came together pretty fast. I’ve already started one for Gavin.


Last night I quilted the outside and lining pieces and am hoping to get most of it put together tonight. While I was taking pictures of Caleb and his case Gavin kept trying to creep into the pictures so I told him to smile for me and got this little gem.


 And now that the kids have been fed, showered-yes showered, they tell me they are done with baths because they are big boys now-and in bed I’m going to relax for a little bit and then get to sewing! But before I sign off for the night I’ll leave you with my 32 week belly shot, only this time Gavin my little photographer got my whole body! Yes, I do have a head!!


Getting Ready For Baby

20 Feb

It seems that I have reached that point in my pregnancy where I am tired all the time again and could sleep for hours in the afternoon. Thankfully my hubby has been super supportive and understanding and sacrifices his own rest time so that I can get a little extra. Of course the end of pregnancy is when energy is down and there is the most to do! We have designated Sunday as Operation get ready for baby. I’ll be doing a ton of laundry, putting together the bassinet, making sure my breast pump still works, and making a list of the things we need. One thing I can cross of that need list is burp cloths. The other night I made 4 of them and was surprised with how fast they came together!

DIY Burp Cloths


I got the prints at my local fabric shop, Momen +, awhile ago during a remnant sale. I believe it’s a double gauze so it’s really soft and snuggly plus I backed it with what Joanns calls Soft N Comfy. I have some flannel I bought awhile ago when it went on super sale at Joanns that I plan on using to make a few more burp cloths. These days I really do love a fast easy project that I can whip up while dinner is being made. I’m gonna keep this one short tonight as my back is killing me. Earlier while I was putting something away in the pantry my cat ran ahead of me thinking I was going to feed her, got right under my feet and zigged when she should have zagged. I subbed my toes while trying not to step on her and fall and I think I may have just put a little too much stress on my back struggling to stay upright. So I’ll be spending the night relaxing waiting for my hubby to get home to massage it for me. Have a good night everyone!

Valentine’s and a Birthday Weekend

19 Feb

Last weekend was insane! Good insane though, just really busy and action packed. The weekend for me started off relaxing to a 90 minute massage my brother in law treated me to from The Zen Mama. She came to my house while the kids were in school last Thursday and gave me one of the best massages I’ve ever had! My back and sciatica pain are gone! I still feel nice and loose and if you know someone who lives in the South Bay and is pregnant, I highly recommend Zen Mama! Friday was our first busy day with it being Valentine’s Day. With the help of my hubby and Caleb I was able to make 46 felt hearts and have them stuffed with chocolates and bagged up with a Valentine’s card for the boys classes.

valentines goodies

Caleb was able to write his name in all of his cards this year and helped me fold them and sticker them closed. I’ve made these felt hearts for the past 2 years while Caleb was in preschool and this year making them for 2 classes was a challenge! I’d never had to make more than 20 before. Later that day my Mother in Law flew in and took the boys out to a special Valentine’s dinner while the hubby and I went to a friends restaurant, C&M Cafe in Los Angeles where for the night she did a pop up dinner and served gourmet food. It. was. amazing. Not only was it nice to get out on a date with my hubby, but it was so nice to eat food that our kids would never touch. Adult food. After eating dinner there we are anxious to go back during normal business hours to eat some of the amazing food on the menu.

Saturday was Caleb’s 6th birthday. I can’t believe my baby is 6 years old. It blows my mind. We started the day out as a family going to eat breakfast in Hermosa Beach and then asked Caleb what he wanted to do. Without hesitation he said Chuck E. Cheese. So off we went to let the kids run wild and play games. Later that night we went to Blaze Pizza and got to create our own pizzas! Then we came home to sing Happy Birthday and have some ice cream cake, yum!!

caleb's birthday

That face!! He’s such a sweet handsome little guy. I’d say he had a pretty good birthday full of fun, except the celebration continued the next day with his Uncle Jerry coming into town to go with us to Boomer’s in Irvine. This place was crazy!! They have go-carts, mini golf, laser tag, arcade, batting cages, and more. Everyone went on the go-carts first which I had to sit out, but at least I got a couple of cute pictures of the boys.

go-cart racing with Daddy

go-cart racing with Uncle Jerry

Talk about fun! Gav had a huge smile on his face every time he went by me, it was adorable! We then played the kids first ever game of mini golf. That was interesting. I helped Gav on the first hole and managed to score him a hole in one, after that he more or less played on his own. It took them quite a few holes to figure out the rules but towards the end they started to understand they had to wait their turn. I ended up winning by 1 point with my hubby and his friend tying for second. I don’t know that I’ve ever laughed so hard while playing mini golf, but everyone was cracking me up! Especially my MIL, I had no idea she was so competitive! After spending all afternoon there we came home to have some yummy home cooked Peruvian food by my MIL. We were all pooped and tried to watch a little of the Olympics but we all just wanted to sleep. We went out to breakfast the next day and then my MIL had to go home. It was a busy weekend, but we all had so much fun. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s (yes I know i’m late on that), and are having a great week so far! I’ll leave you with my latest belly shot, courtesy of my 4 year old photographer-who still cuts off my head in every shot.

31weeks pregnant

6 More Weeks of Winter

5 Feb

My son came home from school the other day and informed me that the groundhog saw his shadow and we had 6 more weeks of winter. I kinda laughed because our weather this season has been anything but wintery. For weeks we had 80-90 degree weather while the rest of the country suffered through freezing temperatures. Finally last week it cooled down but I checked the forecast for the next week and it looks like we’ll be in the 80’s again! So Spring might be closer than that silly groundhog is predicting. To get in the mood I stitched up these.



Sorry for the bad lighting, I came home after an 8 hour shift that started at 4am and crashed for 2 hours. I am so in love with these. I already have family snatching these up so I’ll be cutting some more of this fabric  tonight and prepping them for this weekend to stitch up. The support I’ve been receiving from my family and friends has been amazing. I’m so lucky to have people around me supporting my craft! I hope you’re all enjoying your week, I’m off to make a late-for us-dinner and get these little rascals of mine off to bed!

Has it been almost 1 year??

3 Feb

Has it really been almost a year since I last blogged?? Wow. That is terrible! And understandable. It was a busy year for us, Caleb graduated Preschool and started Kindergarden in the fall. Gavin started Preschool in the fall and has just blossomed, it really blows my mind. We spent many, many, many days at Disneyland enjoying our season passes and I managed to fit in a little sewing here and there but mostly selfish sewing. I got a little overwhelmed in the fall when Caleb started Kinder because I had no idea how busy our days would become. From waking up around 6:30am, getting breakfast made, lunch packed, everyone dressed and dropped off by 8:15, entertaining Gavin when he wasn’t at school, picking up Caleb at 2:30, homework, a little play time, clean up, dinner, bath, bed, I was exhausted. Turned out I may have been tired for an entirely different reason as we found out in September that we would be welcoming another little bundle of joy into our family. And here we are 29 weeks later, closer to welcoming our third son into this crazy family.


Only 11 weeks to go, give or take, and only 9 more weeks left of work-so close! I didn’t sew for a good 3 months due to having morning sickness that lasted all day and peaked at night around 5pm. Unfortunately for me the sight of my sewing machine and fabric made me nauseous and claustrophobic.  I think what finally snapped me out of it was my desire to finish Gav’s birthday quilt before his birthday. If you remember this was supposed to have been for his 3rd birthday but that came and went. It’s finished now and currently resides on Gavin’s bed where he loves to sleep under it.

Gavin's quilt

I love the way this came out and am even happier that Gavin loves it. Lastly I have been sewing up things to help pay off the newest addition to my sewing machine family, a Juki HZL F600. I love her. I made a deal with the hubby since he had found me quite a bit of unclaimed money that I sent in paperwork to get back, that I would use that money towards it (which paid for most of the machine) and I would sell handmade goodies to pay off the rest. I have an amazing husband who knows how much I love to sew and fully supports my desire to pursue it as more than a hobby. I’m still searching which online store I want to open so for now I have them up on my Instagram @robbynsnest. It’s a little hard to part with them because I want them all for myself!


I’m trying to stock up before baby comes in April because Lord knows when he gets here the last thing on my mind for a few weeks will be sewing. Hope you all had a great start to the week and I’ll try not to be such a stranger round here.

One Block Down

18 Mar

I seem to be a bit obsessed with hand quilting and the quilt as you go method. I LOVE the way hand quilting looks, either with Perle cotton or thread. I recently found some QAYG tutorials on Pinterest and since I have the worlds tiniest throat on my sewing machine and summer is getting closer, I thought this would be a good method to try out. I’ve completed on block and am really loving the way it looks.


My hand quilting is far from perfect, but I think that’s part of the charm. Next time I need to baste it a little better, I messed up on a couple of corners and bunched the fabric a bit. Now that things have slowed down a bit at Caleb’s school (for a couple weeks anyway) I will have some more time to sew again. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to relaxing tonight with a little quilting. Happy Monday!